Dawn came up not longer than 15 years ago for PETRACER’S and suddenly a new era, in ceramic field begun…
This brand introduced itself, entered the market by leaving behind him a wake of: beauty, elegance, passion, art, colour, magic, endless moving, innovative shift expectation surprisingly classic, new stones age, in a few words: POEM.
Despite that time, the market’s scene were crowded of high level companies oriented to design and technology, it was perceived and immediately clear to all, that a wave of freshness and incomparable art value, were tossing PETRACER’S beyond any known boundaries of style and culture.
An interior design revolution were moving the first steps towards more authentic and more classical trend, the trend of Decoration Beauty.
Even the accurate choice of the unusual logo was carefully created to transmit the concept and the power of the myth, “a rampant Unicorn, a white rampant Unicorn”, symbol of purity of the dreams every human being are seeking for, moreover it evokes the living in a fairy tales, that is: all the best of possible worlds.

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