The D.Marble Design srl, born from decades of Lake's srl as commercial development of the same, time to meet the demand for our manufactured around the globe.

Our business through Acquaintances many years in the industry, allows us of buying the best materials, marble, granite and stones worldwide.

Our professionalism and expertise at every stage instead, guarantees the customer that the final product worked to be able to support any request of the new Architectural Design.

The cutting-edge production facilities combined with a highly qualified and experienced technical staff can coordinate, execute and oversee the entire supply chain, you can reach the highest quality standards.
Our staff will follow from the choice of materials and their finishes, then continuing with the survey and design of the best anchoring systems and solutions for installation, then move on to the real production.
After that it will proceed with a 'possible phase Preposa constituting a further qualitative verification, at this point you can proceed with the laying in work through teams posatori very experienced.

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