Founded in 1896 in Florence by the celebrated artist Galileo Chini and his ceramist cousin Chino (and a few other partners then dropping out) with the name ‘L’arte della Ceramica’, in 1906 the factory moved in the present place in Borgo San Lorenzo in the surroundings of Florence, took the name ‘Fornaci San Lorenzo’, and was one of the most outstanding experiences in Tuscany and Italy for the decorative arts development.

The ‘metal lustre’ and decorated products of that period (including stained glass and wrought iron), who anticipated the Decò style in Italy, had a lot of success: Grand Prix and Gold Medal at the Brussel and Turin expo of 1910 and 1911, and -after the achievement of the most impegnative work: the thermal spa ‘Lorenzo Berzieri’ in Salsomaggiore in 1923- again the Grand Prix at the Paris international expo of 1925. In the ‘20s and ‘30s the many facades of the ‘Passeggiata’ in Viareggio (including the famous ‘Caffè Margherita’ ceramic cupolas) and more thermal spas in Montecatini and Castrocaro Terme consolidate the company’s notoriety until world war II, when the factory was bombed by mistake and almost destroyed. Everything stops here? In 2002, the Turin expo celebrating his 100th anniversary will invite Pecchioli Ceramica within the ‘Aristocratic Manufactures’ (together with companies such as Thonet, Cassina, Villeroy&Boch, etc.) that means with more than a hundred years of uninterrupted production, and that means that production did not stop: Franco Pecchioli, who in the meanwhile being ahead of his times had opened the first ceramics ‘boutique’ in Florence and was having a lot of success, being a good friend of professor Augusto Chini (son of Chino) allows the joining of Chini into Pecchioli company, leaving to Augusto and his offspring the artistic direction of the factory. Since then Franco Pecchioli Ceramica, first with the son of Augusto (Vieri) and the son of Franco (Giovanni) and now with the fourth generation:  In 2011 during the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Italian Republic, our company was officially included in the 'List of the historical companies of Italy' with more than 100 years of life.

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